About Us

My name is Aaron Forum. I am a former US Army Special Forces “Green Beret,” and the founder of Shoot Center Cape Coral, shooting range and store. I am also a former NRA (National Rifle Association) Law Enforcement Instructor, current Expert Witness for firearms litigation, SOF (Special Operations Forces) Foreign Weapons Armorer, and media contributor for firearms. Of note, I also led over 100 events for Goruck LLC as a training Cadre and firearms instructor.

It’s my personal mission to expose 1 million people to firearms safety training. Safety is the key factor in handling firearms. Our ability to manipulate firearms safely regulates the speed at which we can safely engage with the environment around us. Just like you would not drive faster than you can see, we should not handle firearms beyond our ability to do so safely.

As the training director of our former gun range, I taught thousands of students in an effort to build our brand as the safest facility in Southwest Florida. As the owner/operator, I built out a team of 30 staff members to help execute that mission. I performed over 90 local news interviews related to firearms and safety training, to spread awareness about our services.

I possess over 19 years of combined military and private sector training and management experience. My combat deployments include Afghanistan and the Philippines while serving with US Army Special Forces, with additional missions to Bangladesh and South Korea to train military units. While working alongside some of the most elite units in Special Operations, I was responsible for performing various high-risk tasks and managing a complex workload of administrative duties. As a US Army Special Forces Soldier, I was responsible for various operations, from managing a 100+ man workforce and a $2M+ operating fund overseas, to disarming live bombs as the Senior Engineer. I held a Secret clearance for 5 years, and a Top Secret/SCI for an additional 5 years.

While serving with Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha 1223, I operated as Senior Engineer, Master Breacher, Master Mountaineer, and had the opportunity to cross train as a combat medic on live tissue. As an instructor at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, I prepared thousands of aspiring Green Berets for Special Forces Assessment and Selection, instructed at the Special Forces Weapon’s Sergeant Course, became a certified US Army Staticline Parachute Jumpaster, became a certified Special Operations Forces Foreign Weapons Armorer, and won the coveted Ironman award for physical fitness, class 006-012. I was also selected to represent US Army Special Forces on Larry Vicker’s TV, in the Starting Strong series, and in GQ Magazine.

I recently consulted as an Expert Witness in the Federal court of Virginia, representing a local police officer. The case was concerning an inherent design flaw in an extremely popular holster product. The flaw resulted in a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

I am a naturally curious person who grew up around firearms and enjoys public speaking, business case studies, and the great outdoors. I recently published my first children’s book titled, “Sergeant BORK!,” a short story with a focus on Army values, and inspired by my girlfriend's dog who rarely seems to stop barking! I also enjoy training jiu jitsu and boxing.
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  • United States Army Special Forces (Green Beret)
  • Gun range/store founder and former CEO, with 10,000 students trained in marksmanship and use of deadly force law
  • Expert Witness, representing both plaintiffs and defendants involved in firearms litigation
  • Combat deployments to Afghanistan and the Philippines, with training missions with the Bengali Defense Rifles in Bangladesh and The Special Forces Brigades of the Republic of Korea (ROK) while serving in Special Forces
  • Special Operations Forces Foreign Weapons Armorer
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Pistol Instructor, and former Law Enforcement Instructor
  • Instructed at United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare and School Special Forces Weapons Sergeant military occupational specialty course
  • The Law of Self Defense level 1 & 2, by Andrew Branca
  • Vehicle Close Quarters Battle (VCQB) by William Petty
  • Goruck Cadre and Firearms Day Instructor with over 100 classes led
  • Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE) graduate
  • Served as Master Mountaineer, Master Breacher, Senior Engineer, and Staticline Parachute Jumpmaster in US Army Special Forces
  • Cross trained as a Combat Medic on live tissue
  • Held top-secret clearance with access to sensitive compartmentalized information (TS/SCI)
  • Selected to represent the US Army in GQ Magazine, Larry Vicker’s TV, and Starting Strong tv series
  • Assisted with rescue of former Afghan interpreter and 6 family members who now reside in the USA
  • Advice is based on personal experience only, instructor is not an attorney