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Welcome to Defensive Carry! This is a low stress, fun, and informative class is instructed by Aaron Forum, a former US Army Green Beret and current Expert Witness for Firearms cases. This is a hybrid classroom and live fire block of instruction. All walks of life are welcome!

Imagine owning a car for emergency purposes only. You keep it in the garage and maybe drive it around the block 2-3 times a year to feel comfortable. You keep the car on hand in case you need to drive away at a high rate of speed due to some unforeseen potentially dangerous event.

The average adult likely owns a vehicle and in reality, has a tremendous amount of driving experience. But imagining the scenario above, and thinking back to your very early years of driving, how confident are you that you could drive through the city at a high rate of speed, under critical stress, and without crashing into someone or something? I can tell you from experience that most gun owners do not practice at all, yet own a device designed to take lives, under high stress conditions, where the penalty for mistakes could mean life in prison or worse.

This course is designed to teach fundamental skills of drawing from a holster, as well as provide guidance on self-defense law based on; innocence, imminence, proportionality, avoidance, and reasonableness, known as “The 5 Elements of Self Defense Law,” by attorney Andrew Branca.
Don’t be deadly, be defensive. Remember, firearms should be used for self-defense reasons only and this course provides guidance how to interpret self-defense scenarios.

Defensive Carry is a classroom and live fire hybrid class designed to present students with safe techniques for carrying, along with scenario-based shooting. We relate each scenario to reality and discuss proportionality concerning the use of deadly force. Students will be exposed to the “5 Elements of Self Defense Law,” by Attorney Andrew Branca and how they relate to each scenario and potential use of deadly force.

  • Were you innocent? (You did not start the fight)
  • Was the threat imminent? (Within seconds)
  • Was your use of force proportional? (Commensurate with the force presented by the attacker)
  • Were you legally required to avoid the attacker, or do you live in a state with no duty to retreat? (13 states have a duty to retreat)
  • Were your actions reasonable? (Everything you do in self-defense must be reasonable given the circumstances)

  • Anyone seeking guidance on when it’s ok to use deadly force in self-defense
  • Anyone with a desire to learn the basics of drawing from a holster and engaging with love fire
  • Any handgun owner considering carry for self-defense/personal protection
  • Anyone with a desire to learn more, this is an open discussion and there are many common misunderstandings concerning the use of deadly force!
  • Anyone with a strong interest in drawing from a holster, carrying safely and or self-defense law
  • Anyone seeking a relaxed yet informative learning environment
  • Mechanics of drawing a firearm from the holster and engaging with live fire
  • The 5 Elements of Self Defense Law, by attorney Andrew Branca.
  • Reality based shoot/no shoot scenarios with discussion
  • Basic fundamentals of marksmanship and redundant loading and unloading procedures designed to keep you safe
  • Advice is based on personal experience only, instructor is not an attorney
  • Please bring firearm in a case or holster (unloaded) *rentals available upon request, but must purchase ammo at range facility
  • Handguns should be (subcompact or larger if possible, no pocket pistols). Rentals are available and if in doubt, please message and ask! 970-97AARON
  • Holsters must NOT be collapsible, no nylon holsters allowed. No Blackhawk Serpa or other trigger finger operated holsters allowed due to safety concerns.
  • 100 rounds of ammunition
  • Please keep ammunition, stored separately from the firearm and magazines
  • Eye protection and hearing protection (electronic hearing protection is preferred, standard eye and ear protection available on site
  • Note taking material
  • Snacks or lunch, feel free to eat during class but please refrain from bringing open-top containers, no food or drink allowed in the range 
  • Driver’s license or form of government ID
  • Pants, closed toe shoes, and clothing that covers from the collar bones to waistline for safety reasons
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Cancellations must be made in writing to or by phone via text at (970)97AARON

Student substitutions can be made at any time.

Cancellations received more than 72 hours prior to the class –  students will be eligible for a full refund or may transfer (moving the participant(s) to another class within a three-month period).

Cancellations received within the 24 to 72-hour window prior to the class – students will not be eligible for a refund, but will be eligible for a one-time class transfer (moving the participant(s) to another class within a three-month period), for a $25 rescheduling fee.

Cancellations received less than 24 hours prior to the class or failure to attend the class -students will not receive a refund, nor will they be eligible for a class transfer.  This unfortunately includes weather-related, last-minute cancellations.

Students should understand that instructors and range time are reserved predicated upon class participation. Aaron Forum
LLC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes at any time.  If classes are canceled or rescheduled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, you are entitled to a full refund.  If a class is canceled, you will be notified via the email address you provided during registration. Please make sure we have up to date contact information prior to attending the course.  Aaron Forum LLC is not responsible for any travel fees or expenses incurred related to your registration if a class is cancelled.